He eats my shit, cums inside me!



We don’t always have a chance to play in our busy lives, and sometimes when we do, it not always as dirty as we wish it could be but still gives us a reminder of how kinky and dirty we are inside. This was one of those kind of days. We were in a bit of a hurry to get out to door but my husband desperately wanted to eat my full ass and taste my shit before we had to leave.

I relented, I hella wanted to feel his warm wriggling tongue in my asshole just as much as he wanted to taste me. I got on all fours while he licked and tasted my butthole and smelled my farts as I pushed my shit closer to his tongue. He love sticking his tongue into my poop and feeling it while pushing it back in, tasting, feeling, smelling, worshiping, and watching. It wasn’t long before I filled his mouth full. He swallowed a bit, held some, played with a big mouthful before he slid his cock into my pussy and came deep in me.

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