Girl Dumps Thick Shits



I’m standing in front of a plate, showing off my cute white boyshorts, and my ass sure looks good and plump, doesn’t it <3 I slap my fat cheeks and shake that booty around a little, before spreading them open and exposing my naughty little blowhole, which is already yawning open to let out a THICK turdle head! My poop births out my hole and onto your plate 🙂 I hope you enjoy dinner AND a show, because I’ve got a messy, poopy butthole I can’t NOT show off… and wink in your face! I pull my white, clean panties right back on–and over my shitty pucker, staining them, and giving you a nice close-up of your meal 😉 For your next meal, I blow my load all over my white futon <3 Ooh, stinky!! The start of that turd stretches me open and good, and then ends with a delicious, oozing trail of shit out my pucker. Yum! I make sure you get a good eyefull of this one, too–and tell you how I want you to eat it… 😉

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