Giantess Turns You Into Poop!



This poop is gonna be HUGE. I haven’t had a poop in 5 days, slave. First 2 days I wasn’t allowed food or water, so I was *starving*–afterwards, I’ve gorged myself for the next 3 days. I tell you ALL the food I’ve eaten that’s now ready to burst out my asshole and into your waiting mouth. I moan with pain and describe how it feels as I push out a HUUGE, thick poo in your mouth! Eat it all, slave. I want you to chew it up and eat it raw. I need you to be your Mistress’s human toilet, and take care of me. How does it taste, hmm? Sweet? Earthy? Bitter? Either way, you’re going to gobble it all down. I don’t want you to leave a single bite behind, slave.

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