Four Short Shits Compilation



This video is a compilation of 4 short pooping videos

#1. In this video I shit on a pad in my bathroom. It’s a struggle to get this one out, but the relief was so good once I was finally done! The wipe after results in a messy toilet paper then I give you a closeup of the poop and toilet paper. You can kind of see what I ate!

#2. This is another floor pad poop, but this one was much easier to pass! After I’m finish I give you a closeup of the finished product. This turd was hard at the beginning and then quickly turned into soft serve

#3. This is a poop directly on a paper plate and you are close to my asshole. The video starts out with a nice fart followed by a bunch of pee which I have to keep dumping off the plate. Finally the poop comes and it’s multiple multicolored poops. No close up on the poop this time.

#4. The last one is the biggest also! The camera is positioned in front of me so you get a nice view of my pussy and tits! It’s not long before I push out a long shit for you to enjoy! The video is a little dark at first, but then I give you a close up of this very wet looking poop

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