Filthy Shit Smear


Model : LoveRachelle2
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I have the house to myself so I’m gonna have some dirty smelly fun and birth a huge shit and smear it all over my scat slut body 😉 I’m wearing an old favorite pair of worn golden cheeky panties and show off how hot and bouncy my thick ass is in them, bending them over and showing you my pussy bulge through the worn fabric and loose strands. I strip them down slowly and then when I take a shit it’s the best–at first, all these little turds just explode right out my ass! and then I poop out this delicious looking shit snake all over the floor… so stinky good! I show off my chunks and smear shit all over my pussy and my thick asscheeks, all the while bouncing them for you and giving you a hot shit twerk 😉 I smear more shit all over myself and model in it–I just love being a nasty scat slut!

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