Filling You Up
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“Filling You Up”

Ugh, it’s been a few days since I last shit, and this one is HUGE! I moan as it stretches my poor aching hole as it inches out, so heavy and thick! It falls on your face, and I’m surprised its weight hasn’t concussed’re dedicated aren’t you, my little toilet? I tease and give you instructions on how to savor my load, telling you what I ate over the past few days…I wonder, does my food taste just as delicious now, that it’s gone through me? 😉 Open your mouth wide…

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1 review for Filling You Up

  1. Nicholas Cline (verified owner)

    I could bust a nut just to the sight of Rachelle’s incredible ass sitting down over my face. Her toilet is the luckiest appliance on this whole planet!

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