Feeding The Slave



Hungry again, are you? Look at how pathetic you are, laying under my throne, waiting for me to feed you. You’ve put yourself to good use lately, haven’t you? Cooking food for me, cleaning around the house… even with your tongue. In fact, you tongued my *actual* toilet in the bathroom clean with your tongue, did you not? Foolish slave, did you really think you were just cleaning up after me? Haha, no, you were cleaning up after everyone who used that toilet! My family, friends… even the plumber who came to fix it before. Horrified? I’d hardly think so, slave, since you’re such a filthy human toilet! Haha… let me tell you what I’ve been eating lately, and how you’re going to eat what I ate after it’s gone through my asshole…and how I’m going to make you eat it AGAIN once it’s come out YOUR ass.

Now lick my holes, slave. Lick me up and down from my pussy to my asshole, over and over–tongue-fuck my shitter as I touch myself.. do you taste the turd I have up there on the tip of your tongue? Do you like the little toilet paper bits I left waiting for you? Now open wide, slave… you’re going to have a HUGE meal, and I want you to eat it ALL. Don’t leave a single trace–in fact, the next time I see you smile, I don’t even want to see my shit on your teeth.

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