EAT You Up and SHIT You Out!


Model : LoveRachelle2
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*Giantess Fantasy!*

I’m in grad school doing a science project with my boyfriend to research the digestive system 🙂 So I’ve shrunk him down and I’m gonna swallow him and let him record the experience, before I puke him back up. I communicate with him on my cell phone before discovering that the bastard’s been cheating on me! That’s it, I’m not gonna *bother* puking him back up now–he can go out the hard way–that’s right, I’m going to SHIT him out! I’m all gassy and finally shit a spectacular crap only to find that he must have dissolved inside me. Oh well! Fuck that guy.

(Seriously though, this shit is pretty crazy–I’ve never shit a shit like this before. Enjoy! I sure did)

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