Eat Mommy’s MASSIVE Shit!



I’m wearing a t-shirt and panties am taking my clothes off to get ready for a shower… I bend to do some stretches and relax, until I notice you spying on me! What the fuck?! What are you doing in here! Get out from there! Are you spying on me, again? I’m your mother…are you kidding me? You remember what I told you would happen if you did this again? You remember, right? Take off your clothes right now. You are going to jerk off in front of me. Then, I’m going to teach you a lesson.

You like mommy’s breasts, don’t you? Suck on them then, like the mother lover you are. You like my ass, my pussy, too? Suck on mommy’s clit and pussy lips… lick all the way from the bottom of my asshole, up to my piercing. Oh, still not coming yet? This is ridiculous. It’s time to move on to your punishment. You like spying on me? Now, you’re going to get the full flavor of mommy’s body. I want you to drink mommy’s piss. You’re going to experience every part of my body today, even my insides.

How do you like the taste of me, huh? I hope you like it, cuz I want you to taste all of me. I want you to taste the deepest parts of me. Open wide, I’m going to shit in your mouth. I want you to swallow everything as it comes out hot from my ass…Oh my God, that is so much shit! Can you feel it jamming into the back of your throat? Keep jerking off. I want you to cum with my shit inside your mouth. Mash it around with your tongue. I want you to taste every little nuance of mommy’s insides. Is it hot in your mouth? Can you feel how heavy it is inside of you? Hahaha, I’m not done, yet. I have another load to push inside of you…

Did you like that? You did? Then, you can spy on mommy any time you want, honey.

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