Direct feed in my living room 2



-Full title: (2 scenes) Shit infusion + Direct feed in my living room 2-

In the first scene, I suddenly needed to go bad 10 minutes before we HAD to leave for an appointment. It took me by surprise, and it did not feel like much at the time, so I wanted him to swallow everything fast before driving there. Turns out it was a considerable dump instead of a small snack; I even peed a huge amount in there. As much as I wanted him to finish, the time remaining was not allowing for that. He ate as much as he could in the time we had :3


He lays down in the living room on his back, and I SQUAT directly over his mouth. Last time he only had one mouth full. This time I told him I wanted him to swallow in between the times I pushed so that I could fill his mouth multiple times. Finally, I was able to finish in his mouth completely. It was filled 3 full times. Good boy swallows everything.


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