Deeply Stuffing My Dirty Ass


Model : LucyPuddles
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I had been looking forward to doing this all day. I was holding this load until I could be alone and get messy in peace.

I’m in my hoe hoe hoe christmas jammies with the open butt! I love these so much! Opening them gives me full access to my tight little hole that is just about bursting with a big load behind it. I began stuffing my 17″ butt plug in, and it got more difficult the deeper it snaked into my guts because it also gets wider, stretching my hole and testing my limits with each inch. Once I have it fully inserted I begin riding my favorite dildo. It is so big! Double penetration is such a fulfilling feeling, but it gets even better when I bear down against the butt plug and push it out with the entirety of my load. Rubbing my clit and the scent filling the room made me cum almost instantly.

I hope you love this one.

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