Chewing Gum While Constipated on the Toilet


Model : CassieScat
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I’m wearing some loose fitting baggy black denim jeans and a cute crop top and I’ve got some time so I’m going to finally sit on the toilet and wait out this horrible bloated constipated shit.

I pull down my pants and underwear and sit on the toilet, giving you a great view of my round ass on the way there. I’m chewing gum and sitting lazily with bad posture and a little impatience. I fart some big but airy farts and squirt out pee as I try to push.

I’m smiling and pushing and chewing and smacking my gum but then i hear my roommate come in. You hear me shout to her that I’m in the bathroom and will be a while. I still have a little more poop in me. I take off my clothes fully and scrunch up to better squeeze out the last bit.

After this, I wipe and show you the dirty toilet paper up close. It was messy wiping! Then I Show you the thick turd and tiny nuggets being flushed!

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