Beg For More, Piggy



Are you hungry, piggy? You’ve practically crawled to me begging for table scraps. You think your Mistress has time to bother making something for you? You think you’re worthy enough for me to go to the trouble of prepping you left overs? I don’t think so, pig. When you come to me I want you good and hungry. You can watch me tease you, wearing only my virgin killer sweater and thigh-highs, and giving you glimpses of my pert tits and teasing reveals of my thick, plump ass, and wait anxiously for me to feed you again, finally… but this time’ll be different. Oh, don’t worry piggy, I’ve got a meal ready for you–a HOT one, in fact. Right out of my “oven”. You wanna know what it is? It’s my hot shit for dinner, little piggy. And I’m gonna let you watch as I make it for you, shitting into a clear bowl so you can watch this meaty turd birth out your Mistress’s ass, before spinning around and making you eat it… Now make sure to suck on my shit, piggy, get all those dark flavors on your tongue, and eat every piece JUST as I tell you… and if you’re good, I’ll make sure you have all the “hot” meals in the future you can eat, right out my ass… Guess you’re getting my “leftovers” after all… ??

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