Be A Good CUCK And Take My SHIT



I sit you down and confess that I’ve been unfaithful our entire marriage, sucking and fucking every guy you know behind your back, even your best friends. You’ve been cucked this whole time–but I don’t want you to think that it’s because I don’t love you–you’re just not enough for me. I’m sorry for laughing–I know it’s not funny, I guess I’m just nervous admitting this all to you… but I really do love you, please don’t make me leave. I’ll do anything, even the stuff in that weird porn I’ve seen in your browser history… You say the only way for me to prove I’m legit is to shit for you right this instance, and not in the toilet… ALRIGHT! You got it babe. I prove myself to you by birthing a gigantic heaping pile of crap. Let’s renew our marriage babe, I promise to be your “faithful” scat slut, to shit on your chest, feed you, anything you want, as long as you let me cuck you with all the normies out there that I want. Deal?

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