Australian Toilet Paper Crisis



*Original Upload Date: 3/9/2020*

When this clip was made, toilet paper all over the world was in short supply due to panic buying. I had no toilet paper and I really needed to shit. Luckily for me, I had a simple solution for this problem. I have a human toilet paper tongue that I can use for all my ass cleaning needs. I let the object observe and admire my glorious Goddess shit as I do it off the back of a chair onto the floor. I tell him he is going to be able to enjoy it as a meal later on. But first, what I really need him for: licking the shit off of my ass. He crawls over and has no choice but to put his face in and clean it. It gets wiped all over his face like a shit rag and his tongue gets to taste and salivate over morsels of chunky shit, a preview for his meal. Having a human toilet paper slave is very useful, don’t you agree?

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