Addicted To My Shit



You’re just dying for my shit, so I agree to send you some with my love… and tease you for enjoying scat just as much as I do… Only, well, my shit is so fucking sweet and delicious today, I’m having a hard time packing it up for you! I love it, the feeling of my shit stretching my hole and teasing myself, pushing it out just a little, then sucking it back in my ass, in and out, over and over again… and when I pick up the turds, I absolutely love how they smell and describe it to you, and the taste… uugh, you can see me swooning from the taste of my own raw shit, it’s so, fucking. good. I can’t stop myself! I’m supposed to be saving this shit for you, not me! Ugh, I’m so jealous you get to keep this shit… if you don’t tell me all about it, I’ll be so pissed! You just gotta tell me what you do when you get my shit…. fuck…I lose myself a couple of times in this video, I’m so caught up with how hot it is to taste my shit, keep getting so wet, wanting so badly to just use this shit to get off with… but I have to be a good girl, don’t I? And send this shit to you instead, for you to enjoy? Fuck, you BETTER enjoy it. You better fucking cum with my shit in your mouth! Dammit, I’m trying to pack away this shit but I can’t stop tasting it…. and I want to keep touching myself, putting this shit to my clit and sucking on it while I jerk off, but I’ve gotta prepare your gift and send it… Uugh, just one taste, and I swear, you’ll be addicted… hell, it’s my OWN shit, and I already am… <3

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