You’re So PATHETIC! I Deserve a BETTER Toilet!



I come home with an urgent need to shit, ready to soil myself–and what the FUCK, slave?! You’re not even under my throne, waiting for me?? That’s literally ALL you have to do!! You only have ONE JOB. I’m just so disgusted with you, and mock and HUMILIATE you for being fat, small dicked and PATHETIC, and worst of all… INCOMPETENT! I deserve a toilet that remembers to bring toilet paper, that doesn’t make me wait before I can unload my ass at my throne so they can “get in position”, and worst off–a toilet that doesn’t get CLOGGED! Oh, you’re gagging on my shit, slave? NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM!! Go ahead and choke and die on my crap, you fucking worm-dick loser! See if I give a damn!

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