Your New Gassy ASS DUMPING Girlfriend


Model : LoveRachelle2
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“Your New Gassy ASS DUMPING Girlfriend”

SCRIPT: You bring your hot date in for some coffee little does he know he’s about to get a different kind of coffee. You go to get the coffee when you let a pre poop fart. You apologize. Trying to get the stuff together and fart more you apologize saying it must be from dinner. He tells you he doesn’t mind and in fact. Loved it. So you begin farting shamelessly saying how you’ll have to poop how it’s gonna be big and stink. You quickly get into your most comfortable position and edge the poop seducing him by saying how this is normal for you and you love the feeling. Then you release the monsTurd. After you comment on the smell and size and tell him get used to this because this is what he will have to deal with dating you.

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