Your Mistress Will Feed You Now



Are you hungry, slave? My my, your mouth is already open wide for me to swallow my shit.. so eager, I haven’t even sat down yet! 😉 You must be desperate for my shit. Just as well, since that’s all I ever feed you, anyway… no wonder you’d be starving for my dark chocolate. I tease you, hovering my thick ass over the opening of my throne as you watch below me, as I tell you how you’re going to have to eat it all, slave, and to follow my instructions… or I might not feed you again. Do you understand, toilet? Say “thank you” for letting you be my toilet… and open wide…. hahaha, that’s right slave, take it all–and plunge your tongue through my pile of shit covering your face, to lick and clean my filthy hole… go deeper, slave, REALLY eat out my ass, and clean me up…

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