Your First Time…



Oh baby, I’m so excited that you wanna take this to the next level, and actually eat my shit… I’m blushing, this is so intimate and I’ve never done this before… and it’s your first time, too :3 We get to be each other’s scat firsts! And you’ve eaten everything that comes out of my pussy already… once you do this, you’ll really have had ALL of me, wouldn’t you? I’m so excited… aw, don’t worry babe, it’s okay if you can’t eat it all on your first try, I’m still so proud of you for taking this leap after wanting to for so long! But hey, why don’t I make your first time eating shit (ever!) a little easier… and pepper my huge, thick girl log with some chocolate candies? I pinch a huge loaf right in your face as we share this intimate moment together, and I touch myself, I can’t believe I actually shat right in front of you… Now lick it, babe, chew up my candies and my shit together, just the way I tell you… Oh, my goodness, you ate it all… <3 I love it! I can’t wait to do this again!!

And now, I’m all yours. Come over here… I want you to fuck me, and kiss me with your big, shit eating grin~

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