Turning My Uncle Into My TOILET Slave!



I guess you’re wondering why I called you in here, don’t you? Well… I know your dirty little secret, Uncle… Hmm hmm, that’s right, I know you’ve been sniffing my dirty socks and my panties! Haha, don’t worry, I won’t tell mom or dad…. in fact, I’ll even let you keep on doing it… I’ll even let you worship my stinky feet and my sweaty ass as long as you do a little something for me 😉 Can you do me a favor, Uncle? Yeah? Alright then…

Open wide, uncle, and eat your little neice’s shit! Hahah, that’s right, I’m going to feed it to you… and from now on, you can do whatever you like to my feet, you can sniff and lick them and jerk off to them–take my socks and used panties whenever you like, and clean my dirty asshole whenever you like.. as long as you can eat my shit, you’re mine. C’mon… doesn’t it look tasty enough to make you my new toilet? Open wide…

Haha, see…? I knew you’d like it… 😉

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