Toilet Training a Bound Slave



This slave didn’t need to be handcuffed for this feeding. He’s such a loser. I already knew he’d do anything I ask of him, even if it’s humiliating for him to do it. He just wants to please me. I wanted to see this slave squirm, though. They always get a little more nervous when they are handcuffed. The feeling of a giant ass lowering towards your face ready to drop a turd creates such a realization of helplessness. The inevitability of it is heavy. Knowing you are powerless to stop what is already in motion shows on your face. That’s what I love to see, and it is multiplied when the slave is bound.

I lowered myself over this loser’s face, eager to make him my toilet and I released a shower of my piss all over his face and neck. He tries to keep up, and swallows a bit. I’m disappointed that he didn’t catch more of it, so I spread my ass cheeks to let him get a view of my dirty hole that is about to ruin his day. He didn’t catch this either, so I knew I’d have to push the issue. He struggled against me with every bite, but eventually swallowed half of the meal I fed him. I’ll give him one more chance to get it right.

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