Toilet Time & Tummy Aches



My tummy hurts so bad this morning, I have to empty this huge load ASAP! Join me for a some private toilet time while I push and squeeze and grunt and moan, to deliver this smelly shit!!!

Make-up free Layla, all natural, intimately pooping on her toilet with you is gonna be your new favorite wake-up video! 😘😘😘

What did I eat to make this smelly mess?? Check it out…

Yesterday’s Menu: 

Oatmeal & apples🍎

Lots of snacking😋 pretzels, trail mix, pita chips and cheese! 

Leftover supreme pizza 🍕

Orange Chicken & fried rice 🥡

It was all so yummy, but made my tummy ache..only to produce a huge, smelly, delicious load of scat! 

Mmmm worth it! 😛

Xo, Layla💕

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