The Shit Mess on Easter



I ruin a german easter tradition.
At Easter in Germany, we serve a special cake in the shape of a lamb. This one gets a shitty surprise.
At the beginning of the clip you see me in hot red lingerie and I tell you about this tradition. The lamb is already awaiting what will inevitably come on a plate together with three foam-kissed eggs. Unfortunately, I can’t poop without pissing. So I empty myself on the cake and eggs before squatting over the plate and placing a really thick, creamy sausage on the lamb and eggs…..and then I sit down with my horny fat ass on it. Watch me smear my whole body with pleasure. My face and my pussy too. Then I’m so aroused, there’s nothing holding me back. I take my dildo and fuck myself to orgasm with it. I love messes. This one is especially amazing!

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