The MOST EXTREME scene I have filmed



Full title: The MOST EXTREME, disgusting scene I have EVER filmed.

(2 camera angles – the whole time)

I start by taking a big load that smelled so bad, my eyes were burning.

I was very excited about using my hand-held blender again, but this time around, it would be in this HUGE pile instead of 2 small logs (they were, however, blended only in my pee. Makes me wet just thinkin’ about it.)

Most humans would throw up everywhere if barely a few drops of that shit broth touched their tongues, but he has to drink NEARLY 2 LITERS.

Slave ends up with the bottom half of his face covered in liquid shit as he is instructed to drink as fast as possible. Every aspect of this clip is EXTREME, and I DOUBT you would be able to watch this without your mouth eventually going agape out of how OUTRAGEOUS this is.



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