Sunday Morning fuck


Model : JanineExtreme
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The lifestyle of a scatloving couple? To waste no shit. So even if we don‘t have the time to go nasty and play dirty we keep the shit for later. See us here getting naughty with a stored load of shit. My Master covers my face completely with a thick layer of shit. I love this so much. Feels like a beauty treatment. Totally relaxing and I love the feeling of warm, soft and creamy shit on my skin so much. It excites me a lot. My master loves this feeling on his cock as well but also covered with a warm and wet mouth to give him a great Blowjob. We get more and more excited and my master decides to fuck my other holes doggystyle.

For me it is very very exciting to taste shit while I get fucked. So I smeared my dildo with the rest of the shit. Sucking it and eating a few pieces. Finally we have a very intensive orgasm.

Yes, that is the way we love to have sex! Scatloving lifestyle.

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