Suck On Mommy’s Shithole!



You need to show me respect, boy. I am not your mother, but you need to call me Mommy. I know you want to suck on my asshole- you’re going to do it when it’s dirty. And look, it’s even got a little bit of shit around it after I took a dump earlier. Clean it up, baby. I want you to use your tongue and clean me up. Go on. Beg mommy to let you clean her up. Ask mommy to shit in your mouth. Ask her cuz she knows you’re hungry, but won’t feed you. I’ll give you something to clean up. Why don’t I make this shitty AND sweet? I’ve just gone and smeared my shithole with applesauce, and I’m all messy and sticky… your lunch is in Mommy’s shithole, boy – suck it out. Go on, I want to hear you thank me for letting you clean me up… Put your mouth right on my asshole and suck on it. I want to hear you sucking and slurping on Mommy’s asshole, and eat my farts. Hmm look, a turd just flew out my ass. I guess I’ll let you have it. Keep cleaning my dirty asshole with your tongue….I push out a little more shit and pussy juice all over–now I’m even messier! Suck it all, boy. Suck my hole clean. This is all for you, boy. Clean it up.

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