Suck My Turds, Slave



I’m so excited to drop this load for you.. But this time, when I take a shit you better catch it in your mouth, and I mean *all* of it. You better…you wouldn’t want to make me punish you now, would you? Or maybe you do…? 😉 Let’s see how much you can take… Stay down on the floor and keep quiet, do you have any idea how many people in the house could catch us?

You like it when I spread myself over you and fart right in my face, don’t you? Love watching that hot hole of mine open up for you while my turd crawls out? Open wide, baby. Eat up. That’s right, keep chewing. I didn’t tell you you could breathe. I want you pumping your cock while you’re sucking on my shit. Don’t you love the way it tastes?

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