Stop Watching Me FART, You Pervert!


Model : LoveRachelle2

Ugh, I’m having really bad gas… just trying to chill on my phone and you keep fucking laughing at me for having all this super noisy, stinky, painful farts… UGH, what the hell is your problem? Get the hell out of here, don’t LAUGH. Hope one of these nasty farts blasts you right in your goddamn face. I can’t stop myself from ripping all these farts in my tight jeans… URGGH they hurt! Big and bubbly, some of them are just obnoxiously loud. I keep waving the smell in your way… you like enjoying how embarrassed I am?! Shut the hell up, stop laughing at me and just leave already! EW! Stop SNIFFING them and laughing at me, you fucking perv! I’m fucking leaving! I don’t care if I’m still farting, you’re a weird jerk!

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