Stinky Sticky Pantypoop Sex



I was farting so much today and the more I did the more it smelt 🤭 I just knew it was finally time for some fun 😈

I sharted so I knew I couldn’t hold it or risk it anymore so I wanted to have some smelly panty poop sex. I was incredibly wet my panties was soaked with my dirty juices and a little bit of pee 🤭
I shown my bf and he was hard immediately so we just had to film 🤤❗️

As I play with my butt it got to the point where I couldn’t even hold back any more and my panties literally overflown with poop but it made me even more horny 💦🤤🤎

So much poop came out that I held back for about 2 days so there was plenty to play with 🥵

My bf came so much inside me I felt every last drop it was sooo warm oozing into me deep inside I just needed to cum so I took of my filthy panties and it wasn’t long after sniffing all that aroma that I came so hard myself 🤤🤤🤤❗️

I like to take my time with these experiences as they only come every so often so it’s soo much better to make the most of them 😈💅🏻

Come and watch me completely ruin my sexy panties wearing my bf’s tank top and get fucked so hard 🤤🤎💅🏻😈


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