Stinky Sexy Lingerie Farts


Model : LoveRachelle2

Blasting loud and dirty farts out my blowhole couldn’t feel more senuous than when I’m wearing my new set of crotchless lingerie <3 I fart up a gas cloud for you to choke on, perv, as I laugh and enjoy myself, waving all my stinky farts your way. It’s what you deserve for feeding me Chinese beef and broccoli! Why don’t you just sit there coughing on my farts and jerking off through your gas-tears as you huff up my fumes, and take care of my little SHARTS on their way out, too? When I’m finally done with you, I’m leaving you in here to suffocate on my girly methane, and to play with my little poo nuggets too, if you happen to be so desperate for extra stink!

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