Squirting DRENCHED Camera & Fart Finish



Open up teasing you about how stinky my panties are and the kinda fun I’m gonna have in them… I shudder in pleasure as I caress my clit, and I pull them aside and show you the cute princess butt plug I’m wearing underneath it. I take out my fav G-spot dildo and pump my pussy with it–I gasp, shaking! It’s just so intense plowing myself with this toy, with my ass getting stretched by my butt plug! I keep fucking myself but I keep shaking and crying out–it’s just too much! I’m just so tight I can’t take it <3 I poop out the plug, then fuck my cunt til I SQUIRT ALL OVER MY FUTON AND SPLASH MY CAMERA ALL OVER. Seriously, this is a LONG, squirting orgasm. Spent, I peel off my panties and soak them up in my squirty juices–there’s so much when I wring out the panties, they’re LITERALLY DRIPPING with pussy juice <3 I throw them over to you for you to enjoy, you filthy panty perv ?? I finish off my session by ripping farts I’d been holding back for a few minutes, ending with a really super loud one that hurt ?? Aahh, so refreshing! I couldn’t be more satisfied <3 I hope you are too!

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