Sparkling Butt



Today I’m treating myself to a bottle of champagne. I’ll make myself really cosy in my living room. I lie comfortably on the floor with a bottle of champagne. I am very thirsty and yet I don’t want to do without my own champagne. So I pee into a glass and serve myself this golden delicacy, pour it over my body and gulp it down. My pussy is already so wet with anticipation that I can effortlessly fuck the champagne bottle with it and then lick my pussy juice from it. Now I open the bottle. I can already feel the shit squeezing in my ass….and push it in. It tingles quite a bit in my ass and then it shoots out of me. Champagne and shit. Watch me as I smear myself with the shit, eat it, stuff my pussy with it and then fuck myself to orgasm with the bottle.

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