Smearing Shit on Toilet Slave’s Face



*Original Upload Date: 11/19/2019*

In my longest shit clip ever, I start my facesitting my toilet slave and farting on him in sexy leggings. I pull them down and make the slave lick my asshole and wet it so I can push out shit more easily. The shit begins after 11 minutes. My gas has all been sniffed up so it’s time to take a shit on my slave’s face and rub it all over him with my massive ass cheeks. This clip is very messy as the rest of the clip consists of me grinding my ass into the slave’s face and smearing around the meal. His head is completely brown and a large mess spreads around my ass cheeks too. He will have to clean it up later. This is the most humiliating moment of the slave’s life. Also contains an alternate angle of the shitting scene.

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