Smear Lick N’ Shit Sucking


Model : LoveRachelle2
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I start off with a super close up of me birthing a pile of turds and then showing off my steamers, doesn’t all my smelly shit look SO good? 😉 (This is a super close-up from my other video, Hot Shit In Heels… but this video is about all the fun I had with my delicious turds AFTER that shoot! <3)

I lean over and grab one of my hot turds and give it a lick before shit-smearing my torso with tribal stripes, before smearing myself all over, working my tits and then picking up an even bigger turd and licking and sucking it off while my eyes roll from the heavenly taste of my stinky shit! <3 It’s SO good, I can’t help but keep working that cock of a turd. Unf.

I lower myself down on the floor and stick my well-loved turd onto my chest so it stands erect like a hard cock, stuck between my tits and continue licking it off with long, naughty flickers of my wet pink tongue. Then I smash that turd all over my body, smearing my legs and my buttcheeks, and rubbing that shit all over my clit til I cum gasping.

When I’m done caressing myself in the afterglow, I show you my shit showed body and smile, waving my crap-caked hand goodbye 😉 Til next time~

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