Shitting n’ Squirting As You Fuck Me



I look you in the eyes as I’m sucking your cock, teasing you as I whisper how I’m so excited to take a shit on you while I’m riding you. You’re down on the floor as I’m grinding my creamy pussy up and down on your cock, unf it feels so good I squirt all over your cock! I just can’t take it any longer and take a long steamy shit as I fuck myself on your dick–it feels so good, I squirt AGAIN, splashing my juices all over your cock and my pile of shit!! I suck my jizz off your cock before dirty talking you as you rub your cock all over my turds, smashing them up and loving the feel of my warm shit against your hard-on. When you’re absolutely covered and *filthy* I say goodbye to you to continue enjoying yourself with my poop on your dick with a sweet lick and a smile 😉

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