Shit Lover Like You Deserves To Be EXPOSED!



Here’s your fantasy… I KNOW it’s yours! All you shit slut losers are the same ?? “You, Mistress Rachelle, are telling me that you know all about my nasty habit: I do the filthiest things with my shit (includes even eating it sometimes). Humiliate me for being a bitch like that. Then please tell me that you want my wife to know about me being such a shit slut. Tell me it’s time that she discovers how pathetic I am and that you’ll make sure that I get exposed. You know that I’m too scared to tell it in her face, so you’ll be nice and give me lots of tasks how I should confess to my wife that I am a shit eater. For example, make me eat shit and then I’m not allowed to clean my mouth afterwards or make me shit into her panties and then place them for her to find and more tasks like that…tell me, what she would think of me when she gets to know ”the real me”…Off course my wife would leave me when she discovers my dirty habit, so I have more time to spend with your videos. End it by shitting and telling me to shove my face in your shit like the bitch I am.

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