Shit In My Purse


Model : LoveRachelle2

I’m ready for my hot date, don’t you love my slutty red dress? 😉 I don’t really need this purse though, he’s gonna be paying for anything… but a gal just has to have a purse, yah know? I reach for the door and get a sudden nasty cramp–Ooh I really have to poop! What a waste, I can’t have any fun with it cuz of my date! I can’t cancel so I get an idea–how about I put my useless purse to good use…? 😉

I drop a massive shit into my purse and plop in the pieces that fell on the floor inside while showing it off, my load looks so hot! So steamy and when I sniff it–ooh, it smells so good <3 I zip up my purse, wipe it off, and I’m ready to go 😉 I saved my shit for later, and my date won’t be none the wiser. Score!

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