Shake My Poop-Filled Booty!


Model : LoveRachelle2
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Hey there 😉 Can you guess why I’m so excited today? Well, to be truthful, it’s cuz I have such stinky farts and poop, and just can’t wait to give them to you! I shake my ass cheeks all over the place while teasing you with my black G-string, farting with glee in your face for you to savor my anal perfume, stinky blasts and gusts of warm wind, all while shaking my bodacious booty. I dirty talk throughout, bending over and telling you how my booty hole is full of poop, and how good it feels to work those farts up with my bouncing ass.

I bend over with my head between my knees and groundhog until I can’t stand it, bouncing my ass and poop right in your face, enjoying how good it feels to flutter my pucker at you with my turds just brimming within, begging to be birthed <3 I get down on the floor and sniff my hot turds, rolling my eyes into the back of my head and moaning… then start sucking off my log like a cock. I stick out my shitty tongue and open my mouth and order you to cum on my face and tongue <3 You already know I’m your little scat whore! 😉

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