Reducing You To A Human Toilet



Wakey wakey! ?? Remember me? From the club last night, that’s right. I can see you’re starting to recognize me now. Oh, the restraints? Haha of course, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re tied up. Shouldn’t it be obvious? Come on, think back. What’s the last thing you remember us doing? Thaat’s right, having drinks at the club… and let’s see, do you remember buying me a drink? Yeah, that’s right… and do you remember you trying to slip something in my drink? And thinking I didn’t notice? And then switch roofies with you? ?? You fuckin loser, you tried to take advantage of me, and now, you’re my *slave*. I think I know JUST the right punishment in mind for trying to roofie and date rape me, you pathetic piece of shit… they say you are what you eat, so GET SOME! I’m gonna make you eat my shit, you pervert. And you’re going to eat EVERY bite, even I have to cram it down your throat!

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