Punishing the New Slave



How do you like it down there, huh? You like being under me? Cuz that’s where you belong, perv, and my friends and I are gonna blackmail you into being my slave. You thought you were just coming in here after getting invited to an ass-worship session with some theater chick you liked? Guess again, shit face, we CAUGHT you filming us dressing and undressing with your phone… and that’s why we thought fast. You’re on camera, you stupid asshole, and if you don’t comply, we’ll release it online and to all the contacts on your phone. Stupid of you to let me borrow it, by the way. Oh, you want to stop me? There’s a hidden camera in this room with my friends aaaall watching on it. Do anything to me, and it’ll be released to the world. Ready? Let’s begin.

You know, since you’re such a shit face, why don’t we make that… LITERAL? I take a massive dump all over your fucking face, and you just lay there and take it, knowing you don’t have any other choice. Now you get to follow all my orders unless you want the world to know that you also like getting shit on by girls, perv! You ready to do everything I say? 😉

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