Public Shorts Messing



It might have been a accident but then again Lexi might have done it on purpose. Lexi is enjoying a walk in the beautiful weather at the public park. It’s earlier in the morning so she is enjoying her coffee. The only problem is coffee always makes Lexi have to poop. Lexi strolls along shaking her beautiful ass until she realized that maybe she should have gone to the bathroom before her walk. Too late now. Lexi looks for a bathroom and when she realized she couldn’t make it to one she just let’s loose a big soft load in her tight blue shorts and panties. It fills the back of her shorts up. Lexi loves the feeling of it and tells you all about it before continuing her walk. She even does a happy dance with her shorts full of shit. It was a shitty day but in Lexi’s world that is a good thing. Enjoy!

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