PUBLIC Airport Desperation Poop!



This PUBLIC toilet poop, was taken in a moment of desperation…will I even make it?!?! 😵

Rushing to catch a flight ✈️ and rushing to find a bathroom to take a huge DUMP!!I can’t believe I actually made it before shitting my pants!

SO desperate and SO close to blowing 💩💨💩💨💩 you can literally see the sweat building on me forehead! 😅 😅

-FRONT facing camera of my face while I poop ✅

-LOUD pooping and peeing ✅

-UP-CLOSE wiping & toilet paper shots ✅

-BUSY Airport Restroom!! 🚻

-PUBLIC Toilet Poop & Pee!! 💩💦🚽

-DESPERATE Situation!! 💨😰☠️

….Cum play with me!😈💋

XoXo, Layla Lee 💕

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