Pooping Panties, Don’t Tell Daddy…


Model : LoveRachelle2
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I’m a lost little girl in my daddy’s office building–I can’t find a bathroom and I really have to go! But I don’t think I’m gonna make it while I look for a bathroom, I’m gonna have to go in my panties right in front of you… you won’t tell my daddy, will you? He gets really mean when he finds out I’ve pooped my panties! I slowly fill my white panties in front of you and tell you how good it feels and how much daddy wouldn’t like knowing how much I like doing this, but you’re good at keeping a secret, right? I rub my poop over my vagina through my panties once they’re filled cuz it feels good… but I also want to show you how it looks–you wanna see too, right? I pull down my poopy panties and reveal my dirty bum–and feel even more poop inside, which I dig out with my finger and smear my poop on my butt, cuz I want you to see that, too. I take off my panties and show you all the poop in it, do you like it? You still think I’m a good little girl, right? I didn’t do anything wrong. There wasn’t a bathroom anywhere… I won’t tell if you won’t. That way we both won’t get into trouble 😉

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