Pooping My Sister’s Panties



My bitch sister broke my purse after I told her she couldn’t borrow it–now it’s payback time! 😉 I push up my top to show you my tits and model her wholesale Victoria Secret panties while I tell you what I’m gonna do to them, how my family would never expect how much of a scat fiend I am, or that it’s me when I leave nasty presents at the door with my prank doorbell gig. This time, the present is for her. Revenge is a dish best served filthy 😉 I’ve been holding in my shit all day, just waiting for the right moment tonight to strike. I’ve gotten horny wearing my sister’s panties all day and looking forward to ruining them, and I show off my sexy pierced pussy and tell you how it’s gonna get all dirty when I shit up those leopard print panties 😉

You get to watch from under me as I straddle the bathroom chair as I let out a big FART and slowly fill my sister’s leopard panties with my piss and shit, all the while telling you how good it feels. Mmm that’s a wet stinky leopard 😉 I rub the poop bulge until my logs fall out, mmm I can feel all those turds against my pussy <3 So good. I show you my dirty ass with a little turd string hanging out as I groundhog a bit more. Then I show you my sister’s shit and piss soaked panties before smashing more turds into them and licking them up and telling you how much I love licking my shit and how good it smells and tastes! <3 I even put the panties back on and rub the shit onto my ass and pussy for a little bit cuz it feels so good and its too fucking hot not to. But I need to hurry and prank my bitch sister, so I cut my fun short and wave you goodbye with poopy panties in hand 😉 I’m such a bad girl!

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