Poop & Play – Toilet Slave



In this 18 minute long video, Casey makes you her human toilet slave. It starts off slow, with Casey teasing you. As you lay beneath her, she puckers her asshole, taunting you what what it holds inside. She asks you to sniff her ass, then eat it, encouraging you the whole time.

You’re so good at eating Casey’s ass, she just can’t help herself. She lets go of herself, unleashing a soft yet firm load all over you. Now that shes loosened up she starts to piss all over you as well. She calls you her human toilet and laughs at you while telling you how pretty you look covered in her mess.

Casey then encourages you to admire her glorious load… “pick it up” she says, “masturbate with my shit” she adds. “Thats it, use it as lube, make yourself cum”. It’s not long after she sees you having so much fun that she decides to join in.

She then uses a clit sucker to get herself off, she exclaims “EAT MY SHIT! EAT MY SHIT!” as she forcefully cums. In fact, she cums SO hard she ends up squirting… adding to the pile of shit and piss below her. She scoops her cum out of her pussy and plays with it while thanking you for being a good boy toilet slave.

This video has 3 additional close up mini-movies and still frames of this load.

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