Playground Public Pooping!



Little Layla has an accident at the PUBLIC playground! Desperate to poop and no public bathrooms around…I decide to take advantage of the playground since it was kid-free!! With  people around enjoying a picnic lunch or a smoke break (no kids!) I swing and play and poop my pants!!

Drool over my brown shit bulge building in my white jeans as I play on the swings, and watch the poop stain grow bigger and bigger as it smushes in my pants!! I take a turn and slide the slides and casually walk back to my car…poopie pee pants an all 💩 💦😵

Come home with me where I undress for you and show off the mess I’ve made!  😈🍭🤤 After smearing my scat all over my sweet face and HUGE tits…after writing filth on my chest and shoving shit in my mouth..I get redressed in my shit covered clothes and kiss you goodbye 😘

➡️BONUS CLIP of me giving a nasty scat blowjob before cleanup!!

🔥 PUBLIC outdoor pooping!

🔥 White jeans DESTROYED, dirty poop stains!

🔥 Face and Titty SMEARING!

🔥 Filthy Scat Body Writing!

🔥 Tasting and Chewing SCAT!

🔥 BONUS CLIP included! Behind the scenes scat blowjob!

Another customer made happy with a custom video, order yours today 😉

XoXo, Layla Lee💕

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