Paying Private Tutor Part 2! Shart DESTRUCTION!



Sequel to “Pooping & Cumming In My Panties For Private Tutor! ;)” I’m back! Ever since I’ve come to see you for tutoring, I’ve become a straight A student ?? And you’ve also opened up my world to the joys of pooping my panties, which I love to do for you, it makes me so horny each time, I always cum…! But today, I’ve got a bunch of gas instead ?? Will you accept payment for tutoring in farts today? I hope so, because they are RANK. I begin blowing ass in your face before, oops! I’m having some real SHARTS! I keep going and just DESTROY my panties ?? I keep farting over and over with my filthy cheeks pulled back, caked in crap as I fart over and over again, overpowering your senses! I hope that and my ruined pink pair of panties makes the perfect payment for you…. can’t wait to do this again! ??

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