Pantypoop diarrhea while doing kitchen chores



It’s morning and as always I’m ready to do some chores.
I wear my kitchen gloves and I start tidying up the kitchen and after I’d have washed the dishes. But I didn’t have time for that, cos I huge amount of diarrhea just exploded out my ass. I felt a bit of bellyache, but didn’t think it could be that bad!
The shit was a lot and veeeeery liquid!
It dripped down my legs and it made an enormous mess!

Though, this turned me on! A lot! So I started touching myself with the rubber gloves. Grinding my pussy and my ass. It was sooooo hot!
The more I was touching myself, the bigger the mess was! This excited me so much!
Till I came. It was fantastic! So intense!

Close up of me while I masturbate and of the shit on the floor.

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