Pantyhose Poop n’ Lick



I’m so excited to take a shit in my brand new white leggings! <3 My ass feels so plump and good in this pair I’m just dying to ruin 😉 I take a huge slow shit in them while pissing and rubbing the mound around, loving the feeling and the rich smell, mmm then I pull down the hose and show you the mess 😉 a huge chunk of smashed turds falls to the floor as I show off my poopy bum, smearing and fingerbanging my filthy booty before picking up the fallen pile of shit and showing it to you. I lick it up and suck on the delicious shit in my hand before smearing it all over my ass, thighs and even my pussy before rubbing it onto my pantyhose, and waving you a filthy goodbye~

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